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Crematorium - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of crematorium with a few people inside besides you, this dream foretells that you will be drawn into illicit affairs, and to prove your innocence it will take time, but everything will end up luckily. Also, this dream tells that you have to be careful in choosing your friends and partners, and carefully study the documents that you sign.

A crematorium hints that you need to forget about adventurism and waste for some time; otherwise you will not have the opportunity to live in a great way, as you are likely to remain without a source of income, and may get into a big trouble.

If you are looking for someone in the crematorium, then this dream foretells demise of one of the relatives or friends. If you dream of many corpses in the crematorium, in the future you will face many sad events, which you should steadfastly endure.

A dreaming of a crematorium portends impending disease, which will be very hard to treat. Also, this image may predict the attempt on the life of a dreamer; and if an attempt to murder happened, you should find out who needed it the most, so to prevent its happening again.

If a worker of crematorium in reality has the dream about his/her work place, this dream can be attributed to excessive sensibility, and it does bode anything negative.

But if this image appears all of a sudden, it tells that your life is in disorder now, and you need to organize your affairs, not to regret about own distraction later on.

Crematorium also indicates that a dreamer has experienced a lot of negative feelings in recent years, and if he/she continues in the same vein, these feelings will kill all the good that left; thus, he/she needs to think more about positive things. Perhaps, he/she will open the bright colors of life that simply did not notice before.

Reflecting on what crematorium can mean, refer to the interpretation of this symbol in psychology. Very often such an image is seen in a dream of someone who got very upset at work, so the subconscious mind showed a nightmare. Also such this dream indicates that a lot of negativity has accumulated around a dreamer. Perhaps someone of friends is plotting intrigues, and if left unnoticed, the case can take a negative turn; so it is important to look at people and find out more information about them.

If you dream of an animal corpse being burned in a crematorium, it forebodes a meeting with an old friend, who will offer a mutually beneficial cooperation. If people laugh instead of crying in the crematorium, this dream forebodes pastime among friends that will end up with a strong hangover, but it will leave a lot of good memories.