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Crocodile - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a small crocodile, this is a warning for you - be more careful with loved ones whom you implicitly trusts.

Crocodile seen in a dream may be a sign that very soon a dreamer will be deceived by friends or relatives. In addition, the most dangerous enemies will start to act, and it will happen in the foreseeable future.

If you dreamed as if you stepped on the back of a crocodile, it bodes that you will face some serious troubles which you have to solve on your own. If you are persistent enough and do not give up half way, you will necessary get what you wanted. You should take this dream as a warning, and do not be too frank with others, even if they are close friends or relatives, because they can also betray, cheat and let you down in the most unexpected moment.

Very often a little crocodile warns that you are surrounded by evil people who are waiting you to make a mistake. Therefore, special attention should be paid when choosing friends.

A dream about a crocodile, no matter what size, can say that you are surrounded by very crafty and cunning enemies, so you should take extra care. Moreover, it is a sign of hostile, threatening and hidden power in relation to a dreamer. Because of this situation a dreamer may become the victim of some kind of accident.

Dreams about small and big alligators tell that a person will be experiencing pretty serious trouble. However, if you killed a crocodile, there is a chance that all nasty little problems will be avoided.

The dreams about crocodiles can also indicate dreamer’s duplicity of nature. This dream states that a dreamer has a strong desire to obtain lasting stability in all spheres of life, which is sometimes very difficult, and in some cases impossible.

Such dreams can say that the dreamer has an amazing ability to adapt to virtually all conditions and circumstances; such a person has relatively high flexibility and has the desire to make own character more docile and gentle. In this case it is particularly necessary to care about own actions and learn to compromise.

A small crocodile in a dream can be a warning - do not trust the person, who persistently looks for friendship or asks for your support. This dream may indicate that very soon the dangerous enemy will try to lure a dreamer into some serious trap. That is why you should avoid frank conversations with people who do not inspire much confidence, as they can cheat and use the information to their own advantage.