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Cross - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of baptismal cross, this dream tells that you are restless with concerns. These are the association with the difficult life journey, and in fact this is anxiety and worries that beset you.

If you dreamed of a cross hanging from your neck - it could mean one thing: you are willing to forget the insults, forgive the offenders and live in love and harmony with people. Many dream interpreters believe that a cross is an alarming sign causing troubles to a dreamer.

But it's much nicer to see the protection and love in this symbol, rather than a threat. Therefore, such a dream should be considered as positive and favorably effecting a person. You should wear a baptismal cross everywhere and never take it off.

These crosses can be different: gold, silver or wooden; or they can be made of simple metal. Every interpretation will depend on this factor. Thus, if you dream of a gold cross, it portends great joy and positive attitude towards life.

A silver cross is a source of hope that a person receives. This dream reflects your ability to hope for the best, and be never depressed. An if you dreamed of a wooden cross, get ready for a great success in life. You will be successful in all your activities and personal life. Therefore, you will be cheerful and self-confident.

But there are other interpretations that are not as positive. If you wore a cross on somebody else, the dream tells that a person whom you wore it on will be in danger and will face misfortune.

If you lost your baptismal cross, in this case the danger threatens you. If the actions in a dream are so real that you wake up and continue to search for the cross, and feel relieved when notice a cross in its place – you must be very careful in business and be attentive to your loved ones.

You should know that a pectoral cross is a positive dream. Even if you are in danger - a cross warns you about this. If you see a metal cross, you must be patient and endure all the trials in life. Such dreams can teach to hope and be patient.

The main thing is not to lose pectoral cross neither in dream nor in reality. The loss of a cross equates to a loss of the defense in life. You should wear the cross all the time, but keep it unnoticed. This will help you in life and will give confidence.