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Crow - Meaning of Dream


Crow is a very mystical bird, from ancient times it was used in various rituals and conspiracies. It is worth mentioning that scientists around the world have recognized a crow as a smartest bird.

A dream in which you see a raven, always has a great importance, it either warns or protects. The only exception is the white crow (it is seen in dreams very rarely), it is a very good sign, crow will guard if there will be any danger for the dreamer. In the coming days, you shouldn’t afraid of anything, everything will be fine.

If you see the crow at night for Monday, it is a sure sign that it's time to make changes in your life; this is a great time to start a new business, and the implementation of the plans for a long time.

The dream says it is "time to act" now or never! If you are in a situation of choice, it is a clear sign of fate that any undertaking will be successful; any dispute will be resolved positively. Time to take risks and do not look back.

Crow dreamed on Tuesday, means that a person is in a situation of instability, it's time to make responsible decisions that can’t be postponed.

Maybe you will have small problems ahead, but it will be easy to overcome it. You should ask for assistance of your close friends or relatives, they are good advisers. Often crow on Tuesday before exams is a sign that it is necessary to pay more attention to your studies.

If you see crow on Wednesday, it is a very bad sign. This is a warning that the person is doing something wrong in life, maybe does not live according to conscience, and commits dishonest acts. Several crows dreamed on Wednesday, mean that it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of friends; maybe someone is spreading bad rumors behind your back. Such friends can betray at any time. You need to be prepared for such situations.

On Thursday crow is often seen as a sign of addition to the family. It is believed that if a crow in a dream looks to the left, you will have a boy, if to the right, a girl. If it croaks, maybe the wife is already pregnant. The child will be born without problems, on time and completely healthy. He/she will be happy and prosperous.

Crow dreamed on Thursday is always a good sign, possible good news at work, promotion, and news from relatives or friends.

Crow seen on Friday, most likely somebody had a ritual action over you; possible damage or evil envious gossips. You should pay attention to the size of the bird, the bigger it is, the more serious the impact. If you see several small crows, it is likely the sign of your envious who like to discuss you it can be the reason of health problems, slight malaise, or cold.

Crow seen in the dream on Saturday, means upcoming major embezzlement. Most likely, they will be unexpected, spontaneous, but urgent waste to repay old debts, fines or unscheduled payment of medical services. You should not get involved in gambling, and it is not recommended to sign any agreement.

On Sunday crow warns you about something. It is important to remember what surrounded it, and where did it look. Also the time of day is important. Crow seen during the day, warns about something nice and bright; if you see it at night, on the contrary, all the dark forces are out on the ground, it is a harbinger of danger.

If you dream of crows over debris, it is a symbol of the fact that in life you have a lot of extra problems (garbage) from which you want to get rid of.

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