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Cruelty - Meaning of Dream

If you suffer from unjustified cruelty of a stranger when dreaming, it is a bad omen that promises various troubles in business and disappointment with some people.

If you dream as if someone demonstrates cruelty in a form of physical aggression, and you do not try to resist or escape, it tells that other people significantly infringe your interests for their own benefit, and you are afraid to defend yourself or fight back.

If a stranger is subjected to violence and cruelty in your dream, it tells that soon you will cheat and make other people solve your problems. However, your plan will not work, and as a result you will lose the trust of colleagues and friends, and will suffer losses from unsolved problems.

A dream, where you cruelly treated your friend, portends decisive action that you will take with the attempt to change the situation. Your dedication and determination will lead to positive consequences. Also a dream warns you that in order to implement the plans you have to do everything alone, as the attempts to shift responsibility to another person will result in the collapse of the whole affair.

Miller interpreted a cruel act towards a dreamer as unfavorable omen foreshadowing unexpected complications in business, losses and worries. The outcome of the affair, for the implementation of which you have spent a lot of money and time, can greatly upset you.