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Cruise - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of your friend on a cruise, it indicates that you are jealous of this friend’s success in reality. If you see happy people having fun on the cruise, get ready for the fortunate changes.

A failed attempt to sail or a wrecked liner is a herald of failures in business or acquaintance with very unpleasant friends. In upcoming future you should avoid flatterers and dishonest people.

Participation in the emergency event on board (the rescue of drowning, fire-fighting and so forth) indicates that a new acquaintance will be a salvation from depression and loneliness.

Any cruise in a dream portends changes in personal life. If you have a cruise with a pleasant companion of the opposite sex, you can be sure - soon you will meet a person who will share many happy moments and joyful events with you. If the cruise is seen by a woman, most likely she will take central stage in the company.

If a man dreams of a cruise, it is likely that he will spend his life with a good hostess. If he saw many unknown people on the cruise, he is likely to participate in a lavish celebration. If he sees the company of exclusively familiar people on the cruise, it bodes that someone in family or a close friend is preparing for the wedding. Of course, the dreamer will be invited. Alcohol on board forebodes entertainment in reality.

It is also important to remember the condition of the sea. If the waves are wild, the changes in personal life will have the same character. If you decide to break up it will be accompanied with smashing of dishes; and in case you have new infatuation, it will be passionate and unpredictable.

If the sea is calm - all changes will be smooth, quiet and almost imperceptible for others. If you cruise on a snow white liner you will be happy in real life.

If the cruise ends up in a safe arrival, it reflects your subconscious desire to have changes in personal life. And they will be fulfilled, bringing a lot of positive impressions. It is importantly not to pass by the right person and better be attentive to own surroundings in upcoming days.