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Cube - Meaning of Dream

Any kind of a cube, whether it is large or small, has a symbolic meaning because of the presence of its six facets. If you dream of a huge cube that stands in the middle of the desert all alone, there is a need to carefully think about this dream. There is an option that a dreamer goes against own beliefs and principles. Perhaps, after 6 years you will experience a feeling of strong regret and pain, because of not listening to inner self.

You will likely seek for support of your allies and take a brief respite to think and make the right decision. Do not be on the bit of many people who deny your opinion.

If you play with the cube and examine its smooth facets, the dream portends important positive life events, which can unexpectedly break into the quiet rhythm of your life. Initially you may treat these events quite cool, because there is no guarantee that they will not disrupt your routine life. However, it can change everything. It is possible that the six facets of the cube will be symbolic and unexpected joy will appear on the 6 day of the month. The streak of luck begins: you can relax and finally start to enjoy your life.

If you see a stranger holding a cube, this dream portends troubles and danger that will suddenly put you in the center of very unfriendly attention.

You should also think about the phone numbers that may have the number "6". Maybe the owner of such number gossip and discredit you.

It is necessary to be cautious and careful when dealing with strangers, they can bring the unnecessary worries and troubles into your life. In general, the positive mood is the best weapon against the negative attitude of people around.