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Cup (glass) - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming about a cup is a good sign. A dream warns that in the near future some guests will come to visit you or you will be invited for a holiday or any other event; it is also possible that you will spend a lot of the time for fun and enjoyment.

Depending on the type of a cup and what is inside, the meaning of the dream may change. Most importantly - do not take it personally and do not believe hundred percent to the meaning of the dreams. Especially, those dreams are prophetic only on certain days.

An empty cup in a dream is a symbol of groundless hassle, or purchase of useless and unnecessary things. Full cup means the abundance of what you have in the cup.

If you drink wine from a cup it means that soon you enjoyable hobby will be very useful for you.

Worst of all if the cup in a dream is broken. This means that happiness will be temporary changed for sorrow, you will have an accident or just a small quarrel. This dream promises misery especially for women. But if a woman buys a cup, it is a great happiness.

Dreaming of a porcelain cup means happiness and joy, a huge feast with drinks and snacks. Cup made of clay is a sign of a modest and poor life; glazed cup is a sign of joyful and happy news from afar. Also, there is another interpretation of the dream with the cup.

A cup filled with water, symbolizes the information that in the near future will be implemented in action, since water is a symbol of perfection, without it there is no life on earth, it carries a lot of coded information. Water gives a person a sign to the beginning of a new life.

If you see cup filled with something and you drink out of it, this means that you will consciously take responsibility for your actions and deeds in life.

If you dream of a cup of water, but it is impossible to drink out of it, it means that all actions taken by you in real life will have no effect or benefits, all the efforts will be in vain.

If you spill water from the cup, it symbolizes betrayal. It is possible not only in relation to others, but also in relation to you. This dream also means illness and unhappiness.

If you drink with someone from the same cup, it is a sign of support and responsibility for others. Often dreams are prophetic. It is important to understand them. It is necessary to listen to your inner voice, follow what is happening in the internal state of the body; then you should not be afraid of negative interpretations of dreams.

If there is an inner peace of mind of a person, then the dreams will be peaceful. All interpretations of dreams should be interpreted reasonably, and the thing to remember is that not all dreams come true and fulfilled in life. It is necessary to have positive thoughts, and then the dream will have positive meaning.

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