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Cupcake - Meaning of Dream

A cupcake may appear in a dream as a herald of unexpected events in foreseeable future. Stale cupcake predicts extremely unpleasant, but unfortunately unavoidable situation. You can become an object for envious people who will dish dirty rumors about you. In some cases, this dream may portend a loss of some valuable thing. If you dream of fragrant, fresh cake - in the near future you will be offered to take a new position with a decent salary and excellent prospects.

A strange dream in which muffins began to magically disappear before your eyes promises petty domestic troubles and problems. If you sold cupcakes, this is a good sign that promises the enjoyment of all the dreams and plans. If you were lucky to taste freshly baked cake - in reality you will start a very good romantic relationship with a charming representative of the opposite sex. The cupcake predicts the appearance of a worthy man/woman in your life, who will be your life partner or just a good, loyal friend.

In Miller’s dream book a fragrant fresh muffin with raisins portends a happy life and well-being. If a cupcake in a dream has a repulsive appearance, it was moldy or hard, in reality you have to say farewell to your calm and measured life.

If you saw yourself being a cupcake in a bakery, and you like this culinary product in reality – you can hope to obtain a solid inheritance from a distant relative.

If you cut a cupcake into small pieces, you will get a real pleasure from visiting the theater or other places that will satisfy your cravings for natural beauty. If you skillfully baked your own cupcakes, you will be lucky in life. If the result didn’t satisfy you and the cakes where not as good looking as you expected - get ready for disappointment and resentment. If the cupcakes didn’t reach the needed condition or burnt - you are threatened with failures and trouble. If you treated someone with personally baked cake, this dream portends financial losses and failures in business.