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Currants - Meaning of Dream

The dream about currants carries positive emotions. This berry in a dream is a sign of happiness, joy, and playful mood. There is one detail - the berries must be ripe, tasty, or bright red.

If you dream that you eat red currants, it is a sign of everyone's joy, good mood, and pleasure. Also, such a dream could presage pleasant and non-binding friendship.

If you see large red currant in a big quantity, most likely, you will make a significant acquisition for the house or for your family.

To prepare for the winter and cook juice, jelly, or jam – means to improve own well-being.

If you don’t like the process of canning these berries, and such work is annoying, it means that you will not be lucky for a long time; your plans will remain on the paper, and will not be fulfilled in real life.

If you dream of unripe, sour currants, you will be disappointed and dissatisfied with the work done earlier. Also, the dream may mean fading flame of love, and disorder in the relationship. If you do not take any actions, your relations might break.

For women and girls, dreaming about gathering currants in spring, means execution of cherished desires. If you dream of a summer, you will have good health in the near future.

Autumn dream helps you to avoid danger and adversity. If you dream of red currant in winter, you will have a fun pastime, pleasant trips, and gatherings among friends and close people.

If you dream of a currant bush all covered with red berries, it means that your joy will be doubled.

Still, red currant for men is not a good sign. If he sees currants in a dream in spring, it is a sign of misunderstandings. The worst thing is that he has to blame his best friend or a close relative for his troubles.

If these berries are dreamed of in summer, it means that his mind will be overshadowed by the memories of bygone days, or events that have already occurred long time ago. Autumn dream with red currant portends colds, sickness, and lack of energy. Winter dream about currant means that a man will wait or expect something in vain.

Dreaming of currant bushes that are covered in the spring bloom is a great sign for lovers. The dreamer, in this case, will have a long-awaited date with a loved one. This meeting will be long-awaited, because they see each other after a long separation.

Like all berries, red currant portends good outcome of the dream, if it has a perfect appearance and taste. If for men red currant is sheer bad luck, for women this berry promises enjoyment and pleasure.

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