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Currency - Meaning of Dream

Currency predicts fundamental change in dreamer’s activities. If you dreamed that you have found money, it means that you will decide on a serious risk. If you counted currency - you can count on a major cash award in the near future.

If you wanted to borrow foreign currency, it foretells that soon your dream of a carefree and comfortable life will be fulfilled. If you lend currency to someone, you will have a pleasant pastime in the open air near the water or in the woods.

If you found yourself in a bank opening a foreign currency account, this dream foretells inheritance. If you have suddenly discovered a counterfeit bill in your wallet, it forebodes that you will become more astute and careful. Business partners will certainly notice it and will ask you for help and advice.

If you personally produced counterfeit currency, it foretells you to be ready for changes in foreseeable future. Most likely, you will achieve a significant increase in material well-being, which will positively affect your health and mood.

Miller's dream book warns to be prepared for failures, if you dreamed that you were paying money to someone. If you found currency, there will be reasons for a little excitement. If you lost a large sum in foreign currency, it is a bad dream foretelling work and family troubles.

Stolen currency warns of serious danger; try to behave prudently and cautiously. If you saved money, it is the embodiment of life comfort and wealth. If you wasted foreign currency in big amounts, then you will be caught on a small deception.

Vanga advises to be vigilant, there is a possibility that an envious person from your surrounding bears very bad plans against you. On no account take other people's things or money, even if you find them in a totally deserted place.

If you received currency, it indicates your kind and generous nature; you are a person who always ready to help a friend to overcome the difficulties. If you saw a dream with torn currency, you might face ruin, famine and poverty. If you counted bills, it shows your pettiness and stinginess. Try to treat money in a different way, do not forget that it will never replace the warm of human relationships.

If you sell currency – be ready for suspicion at work, if you buy it – you will have good revenue.