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Curtains - Meaning of Dream

Curtains, which appear in a dream, symbolize your isolation from surrounding reality and problems. If you dream of curtains, this is a sure sign that you need to have a good rest. Most likely, in reality you feel emotional emptiness and you are tired, so try to find a few free days in your busy schedule and go outside the city; moreover, together with your mobile phone turn off all your thoughts about work.

For a young girl, a dream about curtains predicts that she will be in the spotlight very soon. For a young man, the similar dream portends the desire to escape from boring and monotonous everyday problems.

Elderly people after the dream about curtains should refrain from close contact with family members for some time; curtains demonstrate the desire for solitude.

If the curtains are seen by a small child, apparently, in reality he/she is experiencing some difficulties with establishing contacts with peers.

If you dream of luxurious curtains, in reality you can’t find your place in society. Dirty and old curtains predict misery and deterioration of health. Be more attentive to your own health and be sure to pass a medical examination, not to catch a disease.

A dream, as if a light breeze swings the curtains, tells that you are struggling to attract the attention of others, but your emotional isolation prevents you from realization of your plans.

According to Miller, curtains portend worries in relation with the visit of the guests or business partners. Torn and dirty curtains predict a conflict situation, which can lead to reproaches and accusations against you. But tulle promises very good news: you will make a real splash at some celebration or event and representatives of the opposite sex will throw themselves at your feet.