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Cut glass - Meaning of Dream

Cut glass

Cut glass is a symbol of fragility and impermanence. Utensils or jewelry made of cut glass is an indispensable attribute of almost every home. But cut glass objects in the dream indicate the fragility of things and the inability to stay up for a long period of time.

Some dream books say that cut glass promises you success in matters, which are important to you. You will shine and sparkle with all your talents as facets of cut glass.

If you dream of a cut glass toy, pay close attention to your emotional state. Perhaps, you better share feelings that burden you. In such a way you can avoid the impending depression. Even if you think that everything is fine, remember: the support of understanding person will always help.

If you see yourself in a restaurant, which is decorated with cut glass in a big quantity it means that you will have doubts whether your partner is as good as you thought before.

Cut glass may herald a new romance. Your relationship will be very pleasant, but very short-termed. Try not to focus on the break up. Let it remain in your memory as a vivid adventure that has not become less beautiful, because it finished.

Cut glass is also a symbol of fragility of your life. It can also be connected with your love sphere (most often) or your position at work. Perhaps, you have too many desires, and it is unreal to fulfill all of it, or moreover wait for your partner to make it come true. Try to abandon some least important of your desires, but be careful: you might humble with destiny, and experience bitter disappointment, which will develop into depression.

Cut glass is a symbol of danger in the nearest future, which will be connected with your emotions. In addition, the appearance of this image in a dream indicates the need to work on own character, otherwise you will feel despondent without cause. But if you have a positive attitude towards life it will bring your visible results.

Beautiful cut glass vase, which is very easy to break, indicates the need for caution in the actions and warns you to pay closer attention to own deeds.

If out of the whole plot of the dream you remember only cut glass item, this image may predict big trouble that will cause problems in relationships with other people. In this case it is recommended to work on own communication skills.

Eventually, problems at work or in business are not so critical, and it can be easily fixed. Besides, any business is more effective if it is done in a good mood.

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