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Cylinder / Aerosol - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you see a gas cylinder, it indicates a high possibility of accident which can happen to you. Do not risk after such a dream, and avoid dangerous places and situations.

If you see a gas cylinder falling down, it means that soon you will make a genius plan that will bring you success.

If you pick up and carry a cylinder, it is a sign that very soon you will receive an award for your work and efforts.

To see a gas cylinder flying or hanging in the air means that you have stable and steady affairs and deals.

In a dream you buy a gas aerosol, it means that you are such kind of a person who will fight and defend own point of view with all means.

If you use a gas aerosol in a dream – in reality you might have you reputation spoiled because of unthought-of action, which you shouldn’t do.

If you have a big desire to buy a gas aerosol, it means that you are lonely and nobody understands you. You need to pay closer attention to people around you. In this period of time you can find somebody from your surroundings that will help you to overcome your present state.

If somebody used a gas aerosol against you, it is a sign of danger, which is easy to avoid, if only you carefully think through all words you use or actions you take.