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Dagger - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming about dagger is evidence of serious enemies who would be willing to use any means to harm you. Probably, it will be your fault, because your rash acts are the reason for some people to hate you.

If you were able to take away a dagger from a person who wanted to cause you injury, it tells that you will deal with all the difficulties and won’t get trapped with your foes’ tricks. In some cases, this dream symbolizes your speedy reconciliation with the old enemy - you will convince this person that he/she was right and will resolve the conflict.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you were injured with a dagger in a fight, it is a bad sign, warning that enemies will soon try to give you a lot of trouble at work or in business. Also, this dream could spell problems in the family and quarrels with relatives. If you attacked someone with a dagger, this is a harbinger that in reality you commit vile and unjust act because of your own cowardice.

Vanga interpreted an attack of a stranger with a dagger, as a signal about future significant changes in your personal life. Will it be good or bad, depends only on you; so you need to be kind with people and fight for your own happiness.

If someone stuck a knife in your back, be prepared for difficulties, as your enemies have already thought through an evil plan and they are secretly going to implement it. Only flat diligence will help you avoid the consequences of the machinations of enemies.

If you stabbed someone with a dagger and the blade stained with blood, this is a bad sign, indicating that you have to pay your own happiness and well-being for the sins of your ancestors. However, you can avoid this sad fate, if devoted you life for the benefit of others.

In Freud's dream book, a beautiful dagger with painting and precious stones, tells that in the near future, a good friend will present you a valuable gift. However, you should not greatly rejoice the gift and make friends with this person, as he/she made this unexpected surprise, in order to wriggle into favour and seriously let you down.

If you bought a decorative dagger for your collection in a shop, it shows that in relationship with someone you love, you are guided by the desire to dominate in everything from sex to household matters. This dream warns that you should restrain the desire to constantly command, otherwise very soon your partner will not stand the pressure and will become the initiator of your break up.