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Datebook - Meaning of Dream

A datebook image in your dream is a sign that you are too active now. You want to manage everything in the world in the shortest terms. Such fantastic paces can drive you to exhaustion. Probably, this dream’s aim is to warn you against possible health problems. Pay decent attention to it now. Evidently, you need to have a rest. Take a vacation and change usual surroundings. You’ll see that your efficiency, concentration and memory will become much better.

If you have bought a datebook in your dream, it designates that soon there will be some event which you’d like to remember for the rest of your life. Some pleasant and unforgettable surprise is waiting for you.

Writing something down into your datebook is a double image.

It can caution you against wasting money with both hands. You must learn to save some and restrict yourself in some desires. Think about future. Without doubt, there will be unpredictable situations in which extra funds won’t be out of place at all. Get used to spend them wisely.

Another meaning of this dream is that your judgments about somebody or something can be false. That’s why you will be confronted by critics and even condemnation. It is a precious quality to be able to acknowledge that you are wrong. Don’t feel blue! Next time you’ll be wiser.

Reading your datebook foretokens meeting a new person. It promises to be a real sign of fate. You’ll probably meet someone special with whom you will strike up either friendly or romantic relationships. It will make you very happy. Appreciate and take care of this person.

But if you have been reading somebody else’s datebook in a dream, it denotes that you can behave meanly towards somebody in the nearest future. Don’t forget that you’ll do a bad turn not only to a person you don’t like, but to yourself too. You’ll draw condemnation, disdain and disrespect upon yourself. Everyone will find out what kind of fellow you are; it can happen that they won’t deal with you anymore. It serves you right.

Tearing your datebook to pieces in your dream is a favorable sign in reality. It implies that you will do everything to improve your life. Good for you! With such spirit, you will overcome all difficulties.

If you have seen that you were making notes with colorful pens in your datebook, it stands for additional responsibilities at work. Take it as the fact that your authorities pay high tribute to your services. It will really be a step toward your promotion. Take into consideration that executing more work will be paid correspondingly.