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Daughter - Meaning of Dream

Daughter in modern dream book symbolizes surprise, family concerns and small doable troubles. If you dream of a healthy and beautiful daughter, it bodes that your hopes about own children will be fulfilled. Their life will be purposeful and you will be happy about that. If you dream of naked daughter, or if she is wearing torn clothes, this dream will bring you money embezzlement and other financial losses.

If she was crying in a dream, be ready for gossip and slander. If you see a daughter covered with mud, it portends a disease. Try to monitor health carefully and do not forget about your households.

Miller believed that last night you thought a lot about own daughter, and that is why you saw her in a dream. Thus such a dream doesn’t mean anything. In other cases, the dream suggests that soon a run of bad luck in your life will finish and your life will certainly improve. If you didn’t like the behavior of your daughter, this dream foretells temporary troubles, both at home and in the workplace.

Vanga stated that if you dream of a daughter, you will soon have the amazing events that will happen to you shortly. They can be both good and bad - be ready for everything.

If your daughter was smiling, it signifies that everything that happens to you will have a positive conclusion. If you dream of a newborn daughter, even if your daughter is an adult now, it forebodes an unexpected joyful event that will change your life.

Freud interpreted a daughter in woman’s dream as her desire to be a leader in relationship, but she should remember that not every man can stand such behavior and obey rules.

If you dreamed of your daughter’s wedding, it bodes that joy and happiness is waiting for you. Daughter's wedding is considered to be a herald good and happy life changes. It foreshadows complete freedom from household and everyday worries and responsibilities.

Some sources say that a dream, in which a parent sees a pregnant daughter, indicates actual happiness of a daughter. In addition, such a dream could spell major changes in life and even an unexpected income. This may mean that a daughter had other plans for own dreams implementation, and now is the right time.

If you hug a daughter, it bodes that you will quarrel a lot. Nevertheless, negative aspects of such a dream can be easily changed into positive, if a dreamer tries to change the situation.

If you play with a little daughter, it may symbolize unexpected news in upcoming future. If a daughter is sad, it bodes that the news are going to be bad, if she is happy – the new will be pleasant.