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Dawn - Meaning of Dream

Dawn in a dream is associated with kindness and warmth. If you dreamed of the sky with dull clouds that hang over your head, and then the sky cleared and you saw magnificently beautiful dawn, it tells that you have a lot of worries and problems. But these problems will soon be resolved. Even if you are currently faced with challenges that seem insurmountable, the outcome of this situation will still be positive. Everybody around you will be happy, perhaps you will even get gifts from them.

Beautiful dawn predicts the end to all troubles and difficulties. When you observe the dawn, you forget about all the troubles and sorrows, the eyes and the soul rejoices with indescribable beauty that appears in front of you. The same feelings you will experience in real life. It means that you will have the feeling as if it is a load off your mind.

One of the main components human’s life is a dream. A person works, stays awake, but there comes a moment when the body needs rest. During a dream, deep in the subconscious mind, certain information appears. The dream books can interpret this information. It is believed that the dream appears for some reason, and it definitely means something, prevents and prophesies the future events. The dreams about beautiful scenery, for example, the dawn or sunset are very memorable.

If you happened to dream of a dawn, it is clearly a good sign from above that will bring good news in the future. It bodes changes in life for the better. Nothing can spoil the mood or decrease the optimism of a dreamer. At the sight of the dawn or sunrise, the dreamer can also expect forgiveness.

Women who have been dreaming about motherhood, this dream foretells a long-awaited pregnancy.

If in a dream, you woke up at dawn long before sunrise, it indicates your desire to change for the better and get rid of some weaknesses and unpleasant features of your character. Your efforts will not be wasted, and soon you will become a new, happier and more successful person.

If you dreamed that you hit the road at the down, probably in reality you greatly overestimate your abilities and started the business, the implementation of which is not in your competence. You better abandon this enterprise now, to protect yourself from losses and disappointments.

A dream in which you saw the sunrise in the company of friends shows that problems in relations with close people occupy all of your thoughts and you worry a lot. However, you should not sit back and be sad - there are a lot of opportunities to come to terms with your relatives.