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Day - Meaning of Dream

If you were happy like a child to see a bright sunny day, the modern dream book interprets this dream as an extremely favorable omen. After such a dream you are going to have pleasant events, your true dreams will be implemented in life, and evil intentions will be avoided. If in reality you are suffering from the machinations of enemies, the dream about a good day foretells that fate will give you a good chance for reconciliation.

Rainy, gloomy day predicts breakup with a loved one and other hardships. If a day in your dream was quickly replaced by a dark night, then be ready for upcoming imminent troubles. If you clearly understand that it is a day in a dream, but for some reason it is dark - be attentive to your health, you or your loved ones might faces severe, possibly even fatal, disease.

A cloudless day in the dream book of Miller is a positive sign. Cloudy, dull, gloomy day is negative. If you dream of hail on a clear day, it means that soon you will face unforeseen circumstances and most likely unpleasant worries and troubles.

If you met a good friend on a clear frosty day, you will become the protagonist of a love triangle. If you found yourself at the funeral of a close relative on a sunny day, it is a sign of good health of your family. For young people, this dream foretells a happy and quick wedding.

Rainy day promises important events and tears. If you observed just a few rain drops in a dream, be ready to struggle with the problems that will make you nervous and excited. Terrible downpour warns you about troubles that you will need to eliminate very quickly. If you walked on a sunny day and admired the fluffy flakes of snow that fell on the ground, it bodes that you may have problems in the financial sphere.