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Deacon - Meaning of Dream

If a deacon appears in a dream, it can be an omen of misfortune and extremely unpleasant events that happen in your life by your own fault. The reason for all the problems are your misconceptions and some unsightly features of your character, so in order to correct all the mistakes and regain peace of mind, you should change your perspective on many things and to overcome own shortcomings.

A deacon is also a hint that you have to think through your actions before committing them, or else a rash act will lead to losses and mental anguish.

A dream as if you attended the church service, which was held by a deacon, should be considered as a warning that in the close surroundings there are people who conspire intrigues against you. It is possible that soon you might be betrayed by a person who thinks only about the achievement of own goals.

If you had a dream that a deacon visited your home, get ready for a serious disease that will overtake you or your close relative. The disease might be very severe, and the treatment might take a lot of emotional energy, time and money.

In Miller’s dream book a dream, in which you looked at a deacon from afar and far and didn’t approach him, it warns that someone would try to suppress your will and force you to act in his/her own interests. If you don’t treat the innocent, at first glance, requests of your new friends with criticism, you risk becoming dependent on the selfish and despicable person.

If you see a deacon, conducting a church service, it is a signal of misfortune or illness prepared for you by your destiny in upcoming future. If you talk to a deacon, it bodes that you will have chances to avoid troubles and soon you will have several significant reasons for joy.

For a woman, a dreaming as if she falls in love with a deacon, priest or any other servant of the church – is evidence that her beloved one deceives and betrays her. If a woman noticed deacon’s attempts to take care of her, it means that in real life she is paying too much attention and time to empty entertainment and flirting.