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Deadbolt - Meaning of Dream

You will face many different challenges on the way to your goal, if you saw a dream about the deadbolt. Faulty bolt in poor condition, covered with rust is a harbinger that despite all your efforts, you will be a loser, and your opponent will go great guns. If you can’t manage to open the door of your house because it bolted from the inside, it signifies your complicated relationship in the team, because you can’t comprehend some of the nuances. You have formed the wrong opinion that everyone treats you unfair. Take a closer look and realize that your worries have no basis.

If in a dream, you made numerous attempts to open the bolt, but all of them failed and the door remained locked, this supposes that you instinctively hit upon the correct direction towards your target.

If the door of your home has a broken bolt, it tells that your detractors have access to your secrets. They will not lose the chance to use this information against you.

If you bar up your door, it tells that in reality you are confused because of own fear. You try to put a lot of effort to hide this feeling from everyone.

If you repair a deadbolt, it indicates your dissatisfaction with the relationship in your family. You take steps to change this situation and you are ready to do a lot in order to come to terms with your loved ones.

In Miller’s interpretation a bolt is an omen of the barriers standing on the way of a dreamer. If you locked yourself inside the house, it indicates that you have concerns, the discussion of which you avoid even with the closest people. You hope that you can cope with your problems alone.

If someone broke the deadbolt at your house, this dream indicates your credulity and recalls that not all of your friends are your true friends.

In Freud's dream book, a bolt symbolizes the distrust in relation to the sexual partner. A dreaming of a deadbolt indicates your fear to have intimate relations with your present partner. It is possible that your feelings are correct, and it is better to break up. In any case, after such a dream you must reconsider your relationship with this person. If you bolt the door, it tells that you avoid the relationship with extremely unpleasant person. If you open the deadbolt - soon you will meet new romantic friend who can bring a lot of new and positive impressions in your life.