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Dean - Meaning of Dream

Dean in a modern dream book is interpreted as a bad sign if you are currently a student. Nearest exams and tests you will not pass, or will get satisfactory marks. For everyone else, dean in a dream also does not herald a positive change in life. You are going to experience the frustration and lack of opportunities for the realization of ideas. If you dream of someone of your friend being a dean, it portends the collapse of own hopes and losing the lottery. You will succeed only in one case, if the management offered you to become a dean in a dream. But though your problems will be resolved, still it is going to take a lot of time.

Dean in Miller’s dream book represents the fact that in real life your loved ones carefully monitor you. Sooner or later, this control will start to bother you, but it will be hard to get released from such domination. Analyze your relationship and try to escape from the pressure of relatives - you are able to be accountable for own actions and deeds.

If a dean in a dream scolds you, it indicates that your emotional resources are depleted. It is time to think about the relaxation, but rather about traveling to foreign countries. If you dream of cheerful and smiling dean, you will have to prepare for exams, otherwise you won’t pass the exam week.

Vanga interpreted a dean as a harbinger of the disease. You have concerns about unfinished business that you just can’t overcome; and you simply do not have enough strength and energy in order to redo all work. Try not to pay attention to time and your nervous system will not overreact to the delay of matters.

Dean in Freud's dream book is sees as a sign that you like to obey and wait for someone to teach you novelties and let you experience new sensations.