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Death - Meaning of Dream


Death is a symbol of life test. In a dream, you see your loved one death – you will have challenges that must be met with firmness. It is possible that you have to manage the upcoming loss. In any case, you need to go through the trouble in order not to you’re yourself.

If you dream that you hear the voice of a deceased friend or loved one, it means that you will soon receive unpleasant news. If possible, you must remember what he/she said, in order to determine from where to expect a trouble.

Dreaming of death warns you of an impending disaster, but you have time to avoid it.

Conversation with the deceased father in a dream suggests that the new business can damage the reputation and will not end up very well. This dream is a motivation to think through every step and every action. Only in this way you can successfully complete your job. Also a dream about a dead father may be warning about conspiracies and intrigues.

Conversation with a dead mother, according to Miller’s dream book, is a call to self-control, and the fact that it is necessary to monitor your health.

Death of your brother, namely a conversation with him means that someone needs your help.

Dreaming of animal’s death means that you will be upset with your friends. If you kill an animal – you will have upcoming problems in your personal life.

If you are trying to help a dying man, but he still dies, it means that you will have emotional stress, due to your present unstable situation. You need to understand what causes you some many troubles. Dream Interpretation book by Miller interprets the voice of a deceased relative or friend in a dream as a sign of manifestation of warning of your brain to think through every step in advance in order to avoid adverse effects.

In general, own death in a dream is a good sign. Just at first glance, it seems that everything is quite sad. However, this dream has a reverse meaning.

Although, it is still important to consider the circumstances in which the death occurred: whether you were killed or commit a suicide. Own death symbolizes new life, and changing of previous habits. You will have new friends and acquaintances. It is important to remember who killed you - this person will help you to change.

If it is a suicide, it means that you will realize your mistakes and will start a new life.

If you see your death without knowing what is happening, it means a surprise.

If your relatives are crying because of your death, it means that in real life they will be happy about something.

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