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Den - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you are trapped into a den – be careful, when treating women, their craftiness will cause you troubles. To look for a bear’s den is a sign of restless time, pay more attention to issues about health. To encounter a bear in a den, means that some unexpected event will happen in your life soon. To kick a bear out of his den means that your plans will not be fulfilled.

If you look inside a bear’s den, it means that you have traction to dangerous knowledge and information. But in present time your nescience is you protection.

To go down to abandoned den means that fortune and surrounding likes you. All your actions even not very correct will receive appraisal and support. Don’t think that it is natural and nothing can change, very soon everything can turn back.

If you see cub bears in a den, this dream forecasts you a pleasant entertainment with funny group of people.

In a dream you live in a den – be ready to accept guests from far, and spend much money for them.

To pass by a den means that very soon somebody will tell you a secret, which will be very difficult for you to keep. You will want to tell everybody about it and save them from their troubles. But you promised and now you need to stay quiet. Luckily this state will change soon and you will breathe a sigh of relief.