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Depression - Meaning of Dream

What if you dream of tears and sadness, followed by depression? If a person has a depression with all possible manifestations in a dream, it can mean different things. Tears are treated as cash income, which appears out of nowhere. Sadness, melancholy and despondency promise similar conditions in reality. In the coming days, you need to pay more attention to mood swings.

If you dream that you feel alone and left behind, it means that subconsciously you lack of the warmth and affection of loved ones. It is better to spend an evening with close people, in order to compensate for a deficiency of soul desires.

If you dream that you feel real cold, then there are two interpretations. Either a dreamer feels cold in reality or he/she feels lonely. Then he/she should refer to the previous interpretation.

Dreaming of depression of a stranger, which you observe from aside, may mean that in real life, you will help someone in a similar situation. You should be careful with passers-by, because you may be a salvation for someone’s soul.

If you see yourself in a state of depression in a dream, then in reality you may feel the same. This may also happen to a person, whom you see in a dream. It is recommended to show sympathy for others and even strangers. Also, pay more attention to the condition of your mind, depending on who suffered a depressive state in a dream.

Also, this dream foretells some silly mistakes in affairs. You will not lose too much because of that, but still try to be more vigilant and cautious in making decisions.

On the contrary, if you dream that you get rid of depressed mood and you continue your happy life, this may mean that in reality you need a rouse. It is possibly that you are depressed by routine and boredom. It is necessary for you to change the situation, or to go on a journey.

If you dream that someone of your relatives or friends are in depression, it means that in reality you care too much about mental state of your loved ones. The best option would be to invite everyone for a dinner and to talk heart to heart. Thus, you will get rid of worries and will show care to your relatives.

If you dream that you help someone of your family to resolve a complex situation or get rid of sadness, it means that in real life, someone of your family really needs your help. Perhaps the person does not tell you about this, but he/she is waiting for sympathy.

If you help to get rid of depression to someone in a dream, it means that someone will help you in response. You should not turn your back on good people.

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