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Depth - Meaning of Dream

In most cases, people see depth in the dreams when they have some emotional stress. A problem does not give them peace at day, and hence they see it at night. The dream will help a person to understand which option will be the most optimal in a difficult situation.

Even in ancient times the depth in dreams considered to be a sign of enlightenment. Elders were confident that dream is a sign of wisdom.

Today such dreams are treated a little differently. Perhaps in the near future a dreamer will have to do something which contradicts his life principles. It will affect the deepest foundations of being, causing storm of emotions. In such a situation it would be difficult to maintain your composure, so it's better to relax for a while. Problems can occur in any sphere of ​​life.

Sometimes, depth is seen by people who hide from creditors. After such dream you should be more careful with risky business and gambling. Problems can be very serious, so only prudence can save you.

Deep diving foretells acquiring of some useful knowledge or skill. With the help of it, a dreamer will be able to improve own welfare. In business such a dream is associated with the promotion. Intimate life after such a dream will be full of pleasant feelings and understanding.

Walking on the bottom of ponds/river bodes that in real life, a dreamer wants to hide from the public, not because of illegal acts, but most likely, because of the desire to spend some time alone.

If a dreamer is scared of depth, it foretells that in real life he/she might face serious problems. Problems might be connected to health or work. There will be also misunderstanding in personal life. Diving, which occurs against dreamers wish is associated with helplessness in solving the problems of everyday life.

Dive to a depth that does not cause fear or apprehension foretells reconciliation with own soul and body. Seen image is associated with successful completion of problematic phase of life.

In the end, the image of depth is meant to scare people. Most often, this image does not bode anything good. In real life, you should pay attention to own surroundings, in order to identify enemies. Partly, secrecy will not be superfluous.