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Deputy - Meaning of Dream

A deputy dreamed at night is a hint that soon you will have a great desire to get involved in a heated discussion with colleagues on the political business topics, but it is a bad idea. Taking part in the debate, in any case you’ll end up being in trouble from scratch. If your arguments crumble to dust because of the comments of your opponent, your boss will start doubting your competence and ability to adequately assess the present situation. But in case of victory, you might find out that your boss holds by the opposite opinion.

A dream, in which you were talking to a deputy, shows the opportunity in real life to talk with an influential business man and if you are able to impress him, that person will greatly assist you in business, and in the future you can become friends and business partner.

Attending the meeting, where deputies reported on the work done, tells you that someone is trying to mislead you with their flattering words, so you should be more critical of what you hear.

If you take part in the voting and vote for one of the candidates, this is a sign that soon you will need to make a very important choice that will affect your further happiness in life. Among several options you should choose only one, and if you make a mistake in the decision, you won’t avoid serious problems in the future.

A dream as if you were told that you won the election and became a deputy, warns you that in upcoming future you will be engaged in a very risky deal. The outcome of this venture will entirely depend on your professionalism and determination; in the case of a positive conclusion of the case you will get a big profit or promotion, but if you end in a fiasco - get ready for a thorough change in the affairs not for the better. If you see that you are a full power deputy, it is time to say goodbye to illusions and unrealistic dreams.