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Detective - Meaning of Dream

If a detective appeared in your dream, a modern dream book interprets it as a favorable sign, which predicts that in reality you will inadvertently know about other people's secrets. You can use this valuable information for own benefit, without violating the privacy of others.

If you clearly felt or saw that a detective watched you, in reality you should take desperate measures in order to hide any juicy details of your private life from people around. Alas, despite all your efforts to keep them secret, they will still be revealed.

If someone of your relatives was a detective in your dream, this man is destined to discover all your secrets.

Sleeping detective predicts that you will not miss the opportunity and take advantage of your friend’s negligence or revelation in own selfish interests.

Being a detective in a dream tells that circumstances force you to defend own innocence in an extremely difficult situation.

The attempt to slip away from a detective, Miller interprets as serious problems and troubles ahead. But if you were absolutely not afraid of a detective, this is a very good dream that promises upcoming happiness: every next day will come closer to it.

If you were a detective yourself, it heralds that you might face setbacks and difficulties in business. Remember: only you can solve the problem, so do not wait for help from the outside. If a detective follows you on the street, it predicts that in reality, you should try to exercise maximum restraint and tolerance. By all means try to avoid conflicts and quarrels in official institutions, at work and at home. Do not ignore this prediction; otherwise you will get in a serious trouble.

If a detective arrested you, then in reality you will receive an unexpected business proposition. Treat it carefully; otherwise you can lose some of your privileges and benefits.