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Devil - Meaning of Dream

Devil in the dreams symbolizes a trap for a dreamer, among which are danger and multiple temptations. Devil is a manifestation of the dark and evil principle in human nature. For a girl, a dreaming of a devil as a wonderful representative of the opposite sex is a harbinger of a seductive and easy life, for which she will later have to pay with loneliness or loss of health.

If you dreamed of a frightening devil, and you were afraid of it, this dream indicates that all your negative thoughts and features of character are revealed. In reality you need to become kinder, and treat others without assessments and chicanery.

If you fight with a devil in a dream, it signals that in real life, it's time for spiritual growth and self-improvement, do not miss it.

If you are not afraid of a devil, Miller interpreted it as a self-control and ability to accept the dark side of own personality. If you dream of an angry devil before the trip or planting the seeds, it tells that it is better to delay the global activities. Otherwise, the accidents and injuries are possible in the trip, and the crops will not grow. If you communicate with a devil in a dream, it bodes that you risk performing reckless actions that will lead to bad consequences.

If you accept the gifts from a devil, it might have a painful illness. If a devil pressures and attacks you, it portends the persecution and trial.

Vanga interpreted a deal with the devil as a bad sign. Your destructive ideas will cause tears of the loved ones. Try to abandon negative projects, and only after that the matters will get better.

If you resist the temptations and delusions of a devil in a dream, it reflects your strong nature and staying power. In reality you will be able to cope with all the difficulties and even help those in need. Devil in dreams is also a sign of ancestral curse, especially when transformed in a pious man before your eyes. Do not let him fool you and you will not be trapped avoiding life dead end.

Freud interpreted a devil as a possibility to get trapped in own passions. This dream clearly says that in intimate relationships you are surrounded with hypocritical people. If you kill a devil, it tells that you possess such features as prudence, innocence, purity and many other virtues.

If you celebrate something with a devil, it is a bad dream; it indicates that you are guided only by base feelings and instincts.