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Diadem - Meaning of Dream

Diadem is an omen of favorable changes. If you put on a diadem in a dream, it portends that your work will be beneficial for people around you. For your efforts you will get not only gratitude, but also a significant amount of money.

Not less favorable is a dream in which a person wore a tiara on another person. This is a sign of well-being and overall satisfaction with present situation.

If you found a diadem, in reality you will experience painful memories of those times when you were more respected by people around you. At the same time, this dream suggests favor of fate, which gives you a chance to regain the lost, but only if you take drastic measures.

If you lose a tiara, it is a bad sign indicating that you are threatened by slander. It is possible that you will become a victim of a gross insult. In any case, you will have a feeling that your reputation is affected.

A beautiful diadem, which decorates girl’s head, in Miller’s understanding, predicts that kindness and tact of a dreamer will not go unnoticed. It will be fairly appreciated by people from your community who will treat you with even more reverence.

If you put a diadem on yourself, you will find a reward for your actions, which were not only correct, but also timely. Days filled with joy are the result of a dream about tiara on a stranger’s head.