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Diagnosis - Meaning of Dream

If a diagnosis in your dream was made by a famous doctor, you will have to undergo a medical examination in reality in the workplace. Don’t try shirking this procedure, because sooner or later you will still have to do it.

If the diagnosis is made by a wise woman, the reality you will face strange events, so you should get ready for serious trouble.

If you see a crowd that waits for a doctor with their diagnosis, in reality you risk catching a flu, so it is better to avoid public places, as the disease is very difficult to avoid.

If a mother brought her child to a doctor, and he made a disappointing diagnosis, it bodes that a child will require surgery, because of problems with health in real life.

If you receive whimsical diagnosis and you can’t believe in it, in reality you have to visit a doctor, because you have problems that require urgent solutions.

The "diagnosis" can have several interpretations, which depend directly on the plot of a dream and the activity of the individual. For a sick person, a dream in which he/she sees own diagnosis portends fast recovery; and for healthy person, it has a vice versa meaning.

If in real life you wait for a diagnosis, and in the dream a doctor tells you disappointing news, it bodes that you are actually healthy, and all deviations will be easy to fix.

If a girl dreams that some of her relatives have a bad diagnosis - in fact, she is sick, and the treatment will be very hard. That is why she should be examined; possibly the disease at this stage can be cured much easier.

Reflecting on what diagnosis means, you can refer to the interpretation of this symbol by different dream books. For example, Miller bodes good health for a dreamer, Hasse - a new friend, and Freud suggests paying attention to own health, as it can severely degrade. Modern dream book portends recovery regardless of what the diagnosis was made by a doctor.

If a person sees himself/herself as a doctor and makes diagnosis, it signifies that he/she considers himself/herself very clever, but there will always be someone whose mental capacity will be much higher. In this case, he/she should not boast with advantages over other human beings.