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Diamond - Meaning of Dream

If you see a dream with diamond jewelry, it is a sign that there is a risk of breakup of relations between lovers. Most likely it can happen because of the leader in the couple, as he/she tells very often that he can be happy alone.

Diamonds are considered as a symbol of wealth and power and love attraction.

In case you see these gems in your dream, it means that you seek wealth; or vice versa, the gems in the dream may be a reflection of your thoughts about the perishability.

In order to decipher this dream, you need to rely on the feelings that were present in the dream.

To see own diamonds in your dream, it means to receive unexpected joyful news; if you wear it as a jewelry, you will have a quarrel with a close friend.

If you found a diamond in the dream, it means that you will find mutual love in life.

Diamond can be seen in the dream if you expect some trouble or difficulty on the way to the goal.

In the dream you see yourself as an owner of a large number of diamonds, it's a good sign that indicates the recognition of merit and deserved honors.

To dream of a diamond that was presented to a young woman by a man, it means that she will have a very beautiful and good fortune, and there will be a lot of loyal friends around, who will truly enjoy her happiness.

Lost diamonds in a dream mean that in real life you will experience great shame, as well as a strong need of something.

Diamond in the dream, is a symbol of strength and it can mean that the relationship between people are strong and will not be destroyed.

Through a dream your consciousness is trying to leave you a message. For example, diamonds seen in the dream is a symbol of wealth and well-being in family.

Diamond seen in a dream can be a symbol that a person is committed to the highest goals, trying to develop spiritually. On the other hand this gem can mean imaginary luck.

If you mine, pick up and collect diamonds in your dream, be ready for sadness and loss.

If you cut diamonds, such dream promises big profits.

Diamond may be a sign of a false friendship, betrayal and greed of some person. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the people around you, in order not to be accidentally involved in some kind of trouble.

If you dream of diamond engagement ring, this dream indicates prosperity in family life and the rich offspring. If a person dreams of such jewelry, subconsciously he/she is thinking about marriage or engagement with a person whom he/she loves for a long time.

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