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Dianthus / Carnation - Meaning of Dream

Dianthus foreshadows the emergence of new aspirations in life or changes in destiny. It is a very good dream, which bodes success in all endeavors and a happy fast resolution of all current problems. Big and bright pink is a sign of the long-awaited happiness.

In love affairs, a carnation represents the emergence of a new or loyal fan or a real friend. Moreover, the more beautiful and lush the flower is, the warmer and safer the friendship or love relationship will be. The color of carnation is also very important in the interpretation of a dream. If you dream of a bright red carnation, your choice will be very temperamental man; green carnation foretells cheerfulness, humor and fun. Not a good dream, if you see a black dianthus, it is a sign of some sadness, melancholy and depression. Yellow flower means dissatisfaction with destiny and the appearance of desire to achieve high and sometimes unfounded hopes and goals.

In many dream books, a dianthus in a dream portends the imminent appearance of a child; it may be the news about a child birth or pregnant woman. For men, dreamed dianthus can bode an irregular child.

If you pick up a carnation, it signifies of loss of friendships, it might happen by accident or because of rash acts. If a plucked carnation loses its appeal and withers, it is a sign of friendship lost forever. Friends won’t become enemies, but the communication will no longer develop.

If you gather freshly picked carnations in a bouquet, you can safely start even the most dubious deals, luck will accompany for a long time. Any risk will be justified and will bring considerable monetary profit. Presenting carnations indicates your care and attention to a person whom you gave it.

If you receive dianthus as a present, then you will meet a person who will gladly take care of you. A carnation, growing on a bush, is a harbinger of the long-awaited and very welcome meeting, after which it is possible to create a family and celebrate a wedding. If you buy a carnation, it also portends a wedding. Bright red carnation is a sign of a happy marriage with lifelong relationship.

Dreaming of a carnation in own garden represents well-deserved honor and rest, acquaintance with new friends and respect of colleagues. Very bad dream is if a dianthus was crushed, it is a sign of betrayal. Worse, if you step on carnation, it is a sign of insecurity, confusion, and dealing a blow at hopes. It is important to remember, what the condition of a flower was. Carnation buds represent a new life. Sick and broken flower is a sign of loss and disappointment; firm flower - good luck, love and peace.