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Diary - Meaning of Dream

In a modern dream book, a school diary with notes of a teacher is seen by those people who finished school long time ago. Regardless of whether it's your diary, or someone else’s, it signifies your worries. You may be worried that your activity will be censured by other people. It is possible that you have done some indiscretions, and you realize that they are worthy of condemnation. Sometimes this dream reflects the opinion of a dreamer that he/she deserves a higher appraisal.

If you personally make some notes in your diary, it indicates the fact that you are often mistaken when giving the assessment of the events. It would not be so bad, if you recognize your shortcomings. Unfortunately, this dream shows that you defend your misconception no matter what. For this reason, you have to endure a very tough criticism from even the closest people.

If you read own diary, it bodes that you will meet an interesting person. Acquaintance with him will bring you a lot of useful information.

If you tear apart your diary it is an auspicious sign. This indicates your determination to move forward, and to make own life more successful.

Miller notes that if you write in own personal diary, it bodes that you perceive incorrectly what is happening around. Dream book says that such errors can be fatal and result in rather unpleasant consequences. If you write something in your travel diary, it is evidence of your obstinacy and readiness to fiercely defend own opinion.

If you read a diary, which does not belong to you, it signifies that sometimes your behavior goes beyond the scope. This will inevitably lead to the fact that others will blame you for your dishonesty.