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Dig - Meaning of Dream

Physical work, in particular digging the soil is a sign of fatigue. However, if you remembered a dream and your emotions didn’t change after awakening, this dream may be a prediction, and it will depend on the details.

If you have to dig a pit, it signifies that you aim to find the solutions for any problems or realization of plans. If you dig a big pit, it tells that you can find the ways to improve the quality of life or spiritual development. If you used shovel for digging the soil, the same as gardeners use it, the dream books states that a dreamer is trying to change own life. Such dreams occur, as a rule, only if a person is dissatisfied with what he/she has. If you rake the ground with bare hands, this is an indication for getting rid of many problems, worries, diseases and negative emotions.

Before you conclude the prediction of a dream, it is necessary to delve into its details. It is worth to recall the tools which were used for digging the soil. If it was a shovel, this dream is a warning for sudden future event. A pick warns that you should think about your own safety and avoid any conflict with anyone. If you dig the ground with a plow, it indicates that you decide your future independently. If a plow was harnessed with a horse, this is an advantageous dream. In this case, the possibilities of the dreamer extend far beyond the physical level.

If you dug the ground which was wet from rain, this is a sign of possible changes. Digging of dry land tells that a dreamer can’t acknowledge virtually accomplished situation. If you dig the ground with your hands, this is an indication of your great possibilities; but if the soil was wet, it is a sign of lack of faith.

If the ground was dark and loose, it tells that a dreamer easily finds what is needed. Hard, brownish-green color soil is a sign that a dreamer is too heavy footed. However, this is a good feature because it helps to find the ways to achieve more in life than others.

If you dig up the soil and remove anything from it, the dream prepares you for a gift of fate. This may be a cash prize, raising wages, a big bonus, or profit from the business project or an unexpected inheritance.

If you dug the ground and all kind of small hideous creatures appeared from underneath and you felt nasty bad smell, this dream tells that you do something wrong in your daily life. So after such a dream it is better to analyze own actions and try to change the world outlook.