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Dill - Meaning of Dream

Dill in the dream is a symbol of close relations of the dreamer with people around. Very often people who do not have enough balance and peace dream of dill. This plant symbolizes relaxation, wonderful pastime in the family, and the long-awaited weekend. For young people this dream can predict a happy meeting with soul mates.

Use dill in a dream. If a person dreams that he/she is eating dill in a dream, it may indicate that the closest relationship is not quite as smooth and largely does not satisfied him/her. This can occur for the reasons that there is no sincerity and trust in communication. If you dreamed of dill, it means that you do not believe in the depth and authenticity of the words of your second half, though outwardly the relationship will seem good.

If you use dill seasoning in cooking it symbolizes your economic side of personality. If such a dream is seen by a woman, it can say that she is very devoted and faithful to her darling. To season soup or any other dish with dill, is a symbol of insincerity. What if you see dill in this context? Most likely, this dream warns you of surrounding people, who may harm your personal life.

To feel the smell of dill in a dream, or dreams, where you obviously smell the dill, can indicate the joyous event that will arise in the near future. If you cut this fragrant plant and smell it, the dream may tell you about the complex challenges on the way to success. It can be solved only after it is thoroughly analyzed.

If you dream that you put dill in your dream after it is cooked, it symbolizes the dissatisfaction with your intimate life. Freud said, that if you see dill in the dream, it means that your inner desires don’t come into agreement with the situation you have in real life. Your relations became boring for you, and if you want to change the situation, it is not necessary to change the partner, it is better to talk to him/her. If you solve the problem, it will be easier to keep relations which are important for you.

Even for family people, who dream of dill, such dream, promises success in every deal and well-being for their children. If a person sees how he/she grows or water dill in the dream, it means that soon his/her family will grow, so you need to wait for addition.

If you weed the garden, where there is a lot of dill, you should expect the fulfillment of all your cherished dreams. If you dream to see the dried dill, you should expect trouble.

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