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Dinosaur - Meaning of Dream


Dinosaurs in the dream books, more often, are compared with the symbol of secrets of past days. Furthermore, disappeared millions of years ago reptiles can symbolize the process of incomprehensible withering.

Extinct species of fossil animals can mean groundless fears, doubts, and worries from a scratch. Illusory inner sense of danger will result in a curious event in future.

Sometimes, this dream promises a meeting with dubious person with whom you met only once.

If you run away from a dinosaur in the dream, it means that you might be trapped in unpleasant event.

If you see in the dream how dinosaurs fight, it is a harbinger of disorder in regime of rest and work. First of all, it is connected with professional work, when there is a need to work at night.

If you see a dinosaur after the fight, which is wounded or dead, it means that in reality you will have to defend your point of view despite of other opinion, risking own reputation.

Herbivorous dinosaur species are seen in the dreams, as a harbingers of receiving something what was important for you and long waited. In contrast, to see predators in the dream is a sign of loss of something dear and of a great value.

Prehistoric reptiles also suggest that you attach too much importance to your business.

To dream of a dinosaur at the weekend, it means that during the next week, you will face unexpected events.

Perhaps waking up from a terrible image of dinosaur at night, you are experiencing anxiety from impending external circumstances that can’t be kept under control. Dinosaurs epitomize the power that nobody can stop.

Sometimes the image of a predator can be a part of your inner world, in the meaning that you act aggressively towards environment without worrying about the consequences of such attitude.

Dream of dinosaur is considered to be a symbol of relationship and affairs, which you need to finish quickly and forget about them, as they have already become obsolete and will not bring you any dividends, and invested time and energy will no longer justify itself. This dream may indicate that you are used to live in the past and practice exclusively conservative views in relation to the ongoing events in your life, so you're missing a lot of joy and alluring prospects.

If you dreamed that a dinosaur walks in your hometown, and people flee in fear from it, the dream tells that someone of your close relatives or you can’t get used to the dramatic changes that have recently occurred in life. You should realize that the longing for the past, as a rule, is a pointless action, so it's better to accept the present and try to quickly integrate into a new course of events.

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