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Director - Meaning of Dream

A director in a dream symbolizes the fulfillment of desires and your aspirations. According to different dream book, the appearance of this image can also tell about upcoming stress and nervous tension. Unpleasant communication can be disappointing and can end up bad. But in some cases, the appearance of a director in a dream portends moving up the career ladder. Different situations and the interaction of a director with you can help to interpret the dream correctly.

A dream in which you see the meeting with the director in an informal setting (dinner, holiday) indicates a difficult situation in present circumstances. Most likely, no one can assist you, and the problem will be solved not in your favor. You're up against a strong opponent, affecting the final result.

If a girl dreams of a director, who feels sympathy towards her, it portends that in real life she will have a fateful meeting.

For a man, on the contrary, such a dream is the possibility to think over the consequences of marriage and it advises to be careful.

If you get a reprimand from the director, especially if he was in a rage, in reality it promises successful completion of a transaction or a profitable event.

A dreaming of naked director hints you not to, you should not limn on water. You have to come to term with the fact of your present financial capabilities.

A dream where you hold the position of a director, says that soon somebody might discredit you. Moreover, the conflict risks end up in abuse and battering. Your position in this confrontation is more than illusory.

Parents, who dream of a director of their child’s school, will soon know about his/her advancement.