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Disappearance - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you were looking for a suddenly disappeared person, indicates that in reality you will forget about something serious.

If some object disappeared unexpectedly from your hands, it says about your dissatisfaction with the situation, but you can’t ask for more, as a result you are constantly upset.

The disappearance of a child is a warning about inability to implement own plans, and failures in business which was considered as successful. The disappearance of relatives and friends heralds disappointment in the well thought-out business, and approximation of gloomy future.

If you were robbed and important documentation disappeared, you will live in abundance, and fortune will be your companion.

The disappearance of a passport or important documents speaks of the need to be critical to own shortcomings.

A dreaming about some insignificant disappearance portends making wrong decisions when conquering the authority and attention of new friends.

The search for the lost things portends the loss in reality, or surprising discovery. A dream, in which you disappeared, indicates the desire to find a quiet place and rest from the constant bustle.

In Miller’s dream book, the disappearance of a car foretells the destruction of hopes and many plans, which strongly influence the future.

If you saw warts on hands but they suddenly disappeared, this dream promises the victory over all obstacles on the way to happiness.

A dream, in which you prepared a grave for a corpse but it disappeared, heralds bad news. The disappearance of luggage promises unfavorable gambling or family discord. Unmarried people after such a dream may delay own engagement.

The disappearance of jewelry foretells the upcoming shame and distress. A dream, in which your money disappeared, bodes the unfortunate times at home and problems at work.

If you lose gold, the dream promises the loss of the greatest opportunities of your life because of your negligence.

The disappearance of the keys foretells sadness, which will appear after nasty accident. If you lost your gloves, you will be left alone, but strong character will help you to keep cool.

If your coat disappeared, it is a very bad dream, because you will have to build a life from a scratch, you'll hate yourself for vain credulity and carelessness in money matters. The disappearance of shoes promises you the breakup of relationships and renunciation of loved ones.

According to Vanga, the disappearance of the photos in a dream tells that you have to be more careful in business. This is related to your bad behavior, when you forget what conscience and honor is.

A dream about the search for missing children is very negative; you will not be able to cope with the emerging challenges due to a small misunderstanding.

In Freud’s dream book the disappearance of various objects or small animals symbolizes your dissatisfaction with intimate relationships and the desire to change everything. Own disappearance says about your thoughts about the death. If people disappeared in your dream, then in reality you are afraid of losing them and worry about their health. The disappearance of a sexual partner represents your hidden desire to break up.