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Disease - Meaning of Dream

Any kind of disease in a dream is a sign of disorder. You need to analyze what was influenced by disease, and a dream book will help you to find the answer to your dream.

If a young man sees himself being sick, it means that his company is not good. It influences him badly and it is better to stop communicating with such friends.

A dream about disease for people in love means that some of the partners will betray.

If you have a disease in a dream, be ready for a danger in the nearest future. If you can’t solve some tasks, just get rid of it.

If you catch a cold in a dream, it means that you need to be ready for revenge.

If your disease was a consequence of heat, in real life you will worry because of authorities.

To have an incurable disease in a dream means that you have unsolved task in life. Even after numerous attempts to solve it your efforts will be unsuccessful. Relax and don’t worry, it will get better with time.

If somebody of close people has disease in your dream, in real life be ready for adventures. If he/she dies – the problems with your partner will get you out of the groove.

To have a fatal disease means that you will suffer because of actions which you did recently.

If you are afraid to fall ill, it means that you don’t want to change anything in life. It can be a reason of offenses.

In a dream you catch an exotic disease, this dream warns you about troubles and sorrow.

Child’s disease is a bad sign. It means that some of your far relatives will die.

If you have a nasty illness and you suffer a lot, in real life you will face grief.

If you visit somebody who is sick – your wishes will be fulfilled.

If you are a nurse for a person with a disease, in real life you will live in comfort and happiness.

If you are sick and naked – it signals of soon death.

If you count your diseases in a dream, it means that all troubles and misfortunes will pass you.

Venereal disease has a meaning of bad relations with a partner, possible incest.

To have an ulcer means that a dreamer is too aggressive, and soon his aggression will turn against him/her.