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Disorder - Meaning of Dream

If your room, office, house, apartment, documentation or life in general is in disorder in your dream, it means that you’ll have to break your usual way of life due to some circumstances very soon. Probably, you have been relaxing for too long or didn’t take the events in your life seriously, and now you have to work really hard and long to catch everything up. You just reap the fruits of your inertia. It can happen that your life will be turned upside-down. You’ll discover a lot of interesting, strange and astonishing stuff. It may take some time and efforts to reconcile yourself to it though. It does not necessarily mean that these changes will be negative. On the contrary, they can drive you from the deadlock at last. Also, they can make you understand that you cannot lead a well-to-do living owing to your parents’ or somebody else’s means. Only you are responsible for yourself and your well-being for the most part. A disorder in your dream will put your waking life in order.

Trying to bring order to something in your dream is a good luck. It indicates that you’ll have to fight for something in your real life. Maybe, you’ll have to stand up for your own dignity or the one of your dear person; defend your right for something; assert your principles or innocence; prove your feelings and intentions towards somebody; etc. What the most important is that this struggle will be crowned with success in the long run. Stop at nothing if you are confident in your rightness!

If it is not you who put something in disorder, but somebody else, it signifies that soon you may find out that your friend or acquaintance will disgrace his/her name. If you can assist, don’t be indifferent. Such a shame can destroy his/her career and life in general. Remember that it could be you in that place.

Seeing a disorder in your house/apartment is an unfavorable sign. It forebodes sorrow and grief. You should be particularly strong during this period and set the example for everybody else who is affected in some way, especially for your children. They must already learn how to manage such a tough situation.

If it is you who have brought about a disorder in your dream, it cautions you against financial hardship in the nearest future. If you don’t slow down spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave, you’ll deeply regret about this sooner or later. It is time to begin treating your income seriously. You never know what will happen to you even next minute.