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Ditch - Meaning of Dream

Ditch is a symbol obstacle. Ditch is often associated with all sorts of obstruction. It can be difficult to cross, that is why you should make a big effort.

If you fall into a ditch, it is not the best sign. However, such dreams may surprise with a variety of interpretations. Their meaning often depends on the particular story, seen in a dream. In some cases a ditch in the dream can be a sign of a surprise, more often with a positive meaning. It can be a joyful finding or a gift from loved ones that can surprise you, but will be useful in life. Any accident will be important in reality.

If a person sees as he/she walks along the ditch in a dream, it means that he/she will be able to find own way to happiness and success.

If you dream of a ditch filled with water, the dream can be interpreted as a symbol of future prosperity. If you had such a dream, you are going to be promoted soon.

If you dream of a dried up ditch, it is worth to be prepared for difficulties. If you fall into a ditch while standing on the very edge, it is a sign of the decline in life. It can be related both to work and personal relationships. Be careful not to offend anyone, it can cost you a lot.

If you jump over a ditch it is a good dream, which means the victory in some important matter. You will be able to overcome the barrier, because you are a person, who does not forget about the responsibility and clearly performs the task.

If you dig a ditch, the meaning of the dream is clear – you will have to protect yourself. The deeper ditch you dig, the bigger problems you will face.

Ditch the dream book by Miller. Dreaming of ditch is a warning: you may spend significant amount of money on unnecessary items. Be reasonable: money will be spent, but you will have absolutely useless bauble in your house. Now in general, it is a bad time for any purchases, so even if you plan to buy something useful, it is better to wait for a while. Do not worry, it won’t last for long. If your relatives, neighbors or acquaintances ask you to buy something for them, try to refuse, because certainly you will not buy what they need and they will blame you.

In some cases, ditch predicts participation in some questionable financial venture. Digging a ditch means that in reality you will build up obstacles before yourself, and then will have to overcome them. Turbid or dirty water in the ditch promises family difficulties and problems that should be solved. Do not wait for long, because it can lead the redoubled situation.

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