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Divination - Meaning of Dream

Divination with the help of two mirrors portends that you will regret about something a lot. If divination in a dream proceeds successfully and you see someone's reflection in the mirror, then after 2 weeks you will learn some information, which is still hidden from you, and turn your regret into resentment. But do not rush to act, wait until your indignation subsides. Trust the person who you met two days ago after a long time, and you will not regret.

If divination in a dream proceeds sluggishly and unsuccessfully, then you will regret that for the past two months you have being fooled by your surroundings. If at the end of divination you break a mirror, then in 2 months the period of your misery will finish and you will enter a new phase of life. Do not forget to summarize.

If you tell fortune with two candles, then recall what the flame was, if both candles burn evenly and clearly - in life you will have a new goal, and you will be able to achieve the remarkable results only if you rely on yourself and two confederates. If flame is barely visible and is about to fade, it's a sign of future anxiety associated with the change of plans. Perhaps, your manager will be too demanding to you in the next 20 days. If one of the candles faded, then there is no reason for concerns, your boss just studies your behavior, and checks whether it is possible to instruct you in the new undertaking. If at the end of divination you break one or both candles, then after 11 days you might fail the exam (if you are studying), or make a sad mistake during a public performance. For women such a dream promises disappointment with suitor.

If you dream that you use three things in your divination, this means that in reality you can’t solve a complicated affair and make an independent decision. Ask for help from a person, who is older than you, he will tell you how to achieve the best results cost-effectively.

Divination with three mirrors where you see that they are dull or have scratched surface portends aimless pastime. If the surface of the mirrors is clear and you can see some characters in it, this dream portends that you will have a new business or hobby that will deprive you of sobriety and clarity of thoughts and judgments. After 30 days, you will blame yourself for not having been able to keep own impulses, and following of own unreasonable desires.

Divination with three candles foreshadows a prolonged period of lack of money. If that divination is successful, in reality you will borrow money and eventually find yourself in humiliating condition. If you break all three mirrors or candles, it suggests that you are afraid to face the truth - most likely, the affair, started 21 days ago, was a complete failure, so it is better to give up and accept an offer from the person whom you meet in 3 days.

Divination on four subjects, putting them ahead in a row foretells that after 4 months you will become a respected person, you will have money and power, but now you just stepped on the path that will lead you to success.

If that divination is effective, it points that you have someone to rely on; 4 of your supporters will help you to achieve your goal. But if you just can’t get the result of divination - it means that you have four strong competitors in your life.

If you put 4 items in two rows, in reality you just can’t refuse the offer, which will certainly bring you trouble and nervous tension. However, for some reason, you feel obliged to accept it despite the internal contradiction and discomfort which you have.

But if you get a good result of divination, you will find a person who will help you stop suffering from unnecessary problems. Unsuccessful divination means losses and anxiety.

If you use 4 mirrors, and hang them on the walls, in life you will care for sick children or animals, and will worry about them a lot.

If you get satisfaction from divination, you do not have to worry. But if you are afraid to tell fortune in the dream or you think that one of the mirrors is about to fall, then the disease will last for a long time, for 22 days.

A bad dream is when the mirrors fall off the walls and break into small pieces, the disease will end up sadly.

If you dream that you tell fortune with four grains of coffee or rice, then in reality you will have a passionate admirer who will shower you with gifts, bouquets and pleasant trinkets within 40 days, but after that he/she will meet you nourishing a hope to become your close friend.

If you use 5 items in your divination, then you need friends who could support you in difficult times. And such times will come in 41 days.

If your divination is successful, then there will be some concerns about your plans for holidays and you have to deal with family and other relatives.

If in your dream divination proceeds bad or without good ending, then everything will end up with banal scandal at work. Perhaps, some time ago you inadvertently promised something to your boss and then forgot about it, but he/she has better memory.

If you tell fortune with 5 candles or mirrors and after divination you place them into a box or throw out - then you will have a complete lack of ideas. Particularly, it is a bad dream for creative people, as it promises a long period of lack of initiative and indifference. Try to force yourself to move more and be sure to accept invitations from your friends on 5th, 14th or 23th.