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Doctor - Meaning of Dream

Usually, if you see a doctor in the dream, it is a warning sign. The doctor is the type of person who saves people lives, no matter what. To dream of the doctor assisting somebody of your family or loved one, foretells that soon someone of your relatives will have serious health problems. If a relative is over 50 years, he/she should conduct an annual survey of the whole body.

To dream of a few doctors who are discussing the health of patients, says the impending large-scale disease (epidemic). If you see doctor friend in a public place, and if he assists someone, it means that in a short time you will face some events that will favorably affect your future.

To dream of a doctor in ambulance, it means that the dreamer should be careful on the street, particularly when crossing the road and when driving the vehicle.

If you dream that you are a doctor, it means that in real life surrounding people will need your help and advice.

If a healthy person dreams of a doctor, it means that in reality it is necessary to pay attention to own health. Maybe soon it will take colds.

To see a doctor reanimating a person, it is a sign of a serious and incurable disease. In this case, it is necessary not to despair! Once the dreamer notices first signs of the disease, in any case he/she shouldn’t conduct self-medication. It is necessary to consult a qualified doctor who will prescribe appropriate and effective treatment.

If you ask for help from a doctor-quack, but you are not aware of this, it means that in reality you will be fooled by unscrupulous people who will take the advantage of your inexperience.

If a young woman dreams that she is being examined by the doctor, gynecologist who is friendly to her while stroking her belly, it means that very soon she will become a mother. If a gynecologist, after inspection, treats her more seriously and strictly, it means that most likely the girl has some gynecological disease, and she needs to pay attention to it, otherwise there will be serious consequences.

If you see yourself at the appointment, it means that in reality you are addicted to something.

To dream of a doctor, it means to be overly concerned about own health without any reason. The dreamer exaggerates own difficulties too, and treats even small problems too seriously.

The dream in which illness began suddenly and the doctor takes it seriously portends that soon you might lose something in life. If the doctor believes that your disease is not serious, you should not be afraid, soon everything will get better in your life.

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