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Dog breeder (Cynologist) - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you were interested in the work of dog breeders, this is evidence of your desire to improve yourself. You are a creative person, and in any work can see something attractive for you.

If you saw a dog breeder with a dog, it tells that you will find many new friends. The dream interpretation predicts that this meeting is likely to take place during a travel.

A dog breeder without a dog is seen in case a dreamer thinks that he has to find a few new friends who can help when you need it.

If a cynologist offered you a puppy, it tells that you are stung by your loneliness, and would like to feel that someone needs you. If you want to take care about someone, soon you will face such an opportunity.

If you are a dog breeder in a dream, in reality you will completely change your outlook. As a result, your life can change dramatically, up to a change of the place of residence. It is possible that you move to a village hut.

In Miller’s dream interpretation, if you work as a cynologist and breed rare dogs, such a plot of your dream indicates a desire to look at life through the eyes of others, and perhaps decide on fundamental changes. Moreover, you are ready to stop your usual activities, relocate, and move to another city or even another country. At the same time, you will do all possible to keep your relationships with family and friends intact.

If you saw a dog breeder who gives you a good looking puppy, the dream tells that you need a friend, whom you can take care of. The fate will be favorable to you and your wish will be granted. If you seek for advice from the dog handlers, in reality you do not want to be responsible for your behavior, and you look for someone to blame for your own miscalculations.