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Doll - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a doll in a beautiful dress with bows on its head, for a girl, this is a sign of pregnancy and upcoming addition to the family; and for men - sudden pleasant acquaintance or even a romantic relationship. In addition, this dream foretells the discovery of new, previously not shown, quality such as entrepreneurship.

If a doll is lying on the floor without motion as if someone dropped it, this dream forebodes possible separation with a close person who doesn’t need you anymore.

A broken doll with missing parts of the body is a symbol of small troubles at home or at work, small quarrels or insults. You should be more sensitive with others, not to regret about own actions later.

If you buy a doll in a dream, it forebodes a new beneficial cooperation, which in the future can bring excellent results and the improvement of material prosperity. It is important not to miss the rare chance.

Not every day a dreamer sees a doll; it can appear in the dream of both a child and adult, who might have never even held it in own hands. There are several different interpretations of the dream about dolls.

If you play with dolls in the company of your friends, it portends a happy life in a circle of friends and relatives, and family hearth; and if you played a doll alone - get ready for the fast implementation of your plans. Maybe, there are insincere people around you at work, seeking to suppress and control you like a puppet; it's time to claim your independence.

On the other hand, a dream indicates a great opportunity for foreseeable self-realization, and fulfillment of long cherished dreams. It's time to gather your strength and make the last gasp towards the achievements and acquisitions.

If in a dream a doll talks to you, it tells that in reality you are haunted by the feeling of loneliness. It is necessary to relax, go to the cinema or just call friends.

Thus, having the right information, you can easily interpret the dreams about dolls. Please note that the dreams about dolls have different interpretations.

On the one hand, it is quite a neutral dream, symbolizing the longing for bygone childhood, and on the other, this is a warning that it is time to change the relationship with family and stop pulling their heartstrings.