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Dolphin - Meaning of Dream


An image of a dolphin is not a univocal one. It has both positive and negative meanings.

According to some sources, seeing a dolphin in a dream is a favorable sign. It stands for strong relationships not only inside a couple but among friends. People, who are seeing a dolphin in their dreams, will be successful on the dating front and will strike up an acquaintance, which afterwards will grow into sound friendship for the rest of their lives. You’ll be surrounded by a pleasant social circle. Furthermore, you’ll also show yourself as an exciting interlocutor. A feeling of liking will be mutual; that is very important for the relations development.

If you’re making friends with a dolphin in a dream, it suggests that in the nearest future you’ll meet a person with out-of-the-box thinking, whose company you will enjoy. This person will greatly enrich your world outlook.

But other sources state that seeing a dolphin is an unfavorable sign, which implies that you’ll greatly depend on somebody. Thus, you may get additional troubles. Be cautious. Remember that you cannot believe everyone and his dog. Some people may take benefits from collaborating or communicating with you, while you don’t even suspect. Some of them deserve not a bit of your trust and favor. Act reasonably not to swallow the bait of those frauds because the consequences of your trustfulness will be awful for you but hardly for them. Keep your eyes open!

Also, seeing a dolphin in a dream denotes that soon this person will have a rather reasonable and successful idea. Its implementation will inevitably lead to his/her business prosperity and in the result - to great income. Nobody says it’ll be easy to bring that idea to life, but you should fly high to reach your goals. Don’t stop and keep moving forward. Good luck!

If in your dream you’re riding a dolphin, it suggests that your head is in the clouds. You are dreaming about something unachievable instead of building your life right here, right now. It would be useful if you didn’t just dream about it, but also took some particular actions toward its implementation. Otherwise, you’ll stay at the same spot forever.

Also, it may mean that soon you’ll discover new talents in yourself.

Seeing that you’re swimming together with dolphins designates that there is nothing to worry about. Things will run smoothly due to your friends and family, who are always ready to help and support you.

Feeding a dolphin in a dream forebodes happiness, joy and a lot of new ideas.

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