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Dome - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a painted church dome, this is a presage of bad luck; all of your undertakings will have a clouded outlook. It is possible that they will be completed with a positive result, only it is unknown when this result will be achieved.

If you dreamed of domes covered with gold, this is also a sign of sad events. Very often, such a dream predicts loss of a really close person.

However, church domes with a background of clear sky portend a quick meeting with a spiritual mentor and guide.

Cracked or shattered dome is an indicator that a person is going to violate the purity of own soul, or will commit a sinful act.

Dome is a symbol of the onset time of important ideas. Also, this dream indicates a purposeful nature of dreamer and his/her wisdom. The dreamer does not seek to benefit, rather, his/her purpose is spiritual enrichment, good works aimed to the benefit of all mankind.

If you stand on the dome in a dream, it is a sign of good changes. Most likely in upcoming future you will succeed in your work. The more solid and beautiful the dome is, the more impressive your success will be. Church dome in the distance is a sign that a person exaggerates own merits and talents. Success is still far off, if you want to get lucky, you need to exert lots of efforts. You will have to be patient - success is already visible, but it is still unattainable.

The big top usually predicts erroneous ideas, which at first glance seemed great. If you saw yourself as an acrobat performing tricks under the big top, in real life risky venture can bring a lot of trouble.

If you observe the performance of gymnasts under the big top, it tells that you can stand up for yourself in unexpected situations. Also, the circus dome warns that soon you may lose credibility, and will suffer reduction of social significance. A rope under the dome is a harbinger of a long trip.