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Dominoes - Meaning of Dream


The dream about dominoes with any values of dice should be considered on the basis of what the numbers have dropped, or what numbers you see by a total of one or more dices. Numbers are very important in the interpretation, so you can check each of them separately.

If you dreamed of playing dominoes with friends and the permanent drop of a single dice with a specific number, it would mean that in real life you are constantly searching for associates, which have very often to prove the correctness and accuracy of any decisions. Now is the time to make decisions independently, and therefore you will be able to reach more success in your sphere, as only you know what is better for you.

If you dream of winning the game it means that in the real life you will be able to convince your folks in the rightness of own decisions; but if you lose the game it means that you will be disappointed and dissatisfied with the situation, which will be created in the near future.

To dream of dominoes heralds concern for the lives of close people of the dreamer. This dream also will herald that the dreamer must be very wary of any proposed forms of investment. It can be fraught with any negative consequences.

If you play dominoes in a dream it means joy and excitement, but if you win the game, then most likely, some questionable craze will not give a chance for a peaceful life.

If the game is lost it means that you should be ready for offense from a very close friend. Do not despair; you just have to be prepared for such turn of events. Everyone faces similar situations in life, and the most important in it is to keep calm, and wait for better times.

The dream, in which you look at the numbers on a dice, is usually treated by dream books as a sign of destiny. Total numbers can be interpreted as any outdated working methods and that it is time to consider other approaches to achieve these goals.

For example, if you had the dice with the numbers 1 and 0 it means that advice is given about necessity to open up, don't hide feelings and ignore the opinion of the people around. Over time, there will be given the chance or possibility of any trip that won't just be useful for your business, but also enable to find new and useful contacts.

It is not necessary to consider radically the dream about dominoes. You need to review many interpretations and specifically find out what could each of a given number mean. It is worth to pay attention to the interpretation of such a dream in order to get the most accurate results.

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