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Doomsday - Meaning of Dream

Doomsday forebodes an awkward situation, or a fatal error. For lovers this dream can become a symbol of separation.

There is no clear and unambiguous definition for a doomsday. Depending on each case, the interpretation may be understood individually.

At first glance, such a dream is rather difficult to interpret. Yet there is a simple and clear explanation. The dream is related to changes and a dreamer feels it on the subconscious level. A person begins a new phase of life. However, he/she doubts and hesitates about the correctness of decisions.

Still it is not necessary to consider the dream as negative. It bodes that a dreamer will thoroughly plan own life, seriously analyze it and ponder over the situation; at the same time he/she tries to make the right decision. However, this solution does not always lie on the surface. That is why a person starts to worry and the body experiences such reactions. Thus, it is important to reconsider own worries, and understand what exactly causes all concerns. Further, it is important to make a decision about how to solve the problem properly. Once the decision is made, the solution should be executed. Well, after a positive result, it is necessary to escape, try to forget about this situation.

Taking into account the magnitude of such an event in a dream, it can be assumed that the changes are going to be serious.

The topic about doomsday is present in virtually all the world's cultures, religions, and in the literature. Filmmakers have shot many dozens of scenarios about apocalypse: people were burned, generously poured with water, heavily shaken and even blown up together with the planet.

It is clear, that a dream about doomsday wants to say something important, because it is difficult to miss this event. And this may be both a good sign and a bad prediction.

Let's start with the bad. If you saw the doomsday with your own eyes, it could mean the probability of losing a loved one. The day of doom as a result of the flood, warns of impending failure in business, and collapse of plans.

The earthquake that causes doomsday portends problems with real estate.

The fall of a large meteorite with a fatal end heralds the collapse of empty hopes.

Such dreams may appear if a person has significant internal feelings associated with an important moment in life.

Doomsday may also mean that a person has a very high level of internal aggression, which is successfully hidden in reality. Negative energy requires outburst, so the subconsciousness is trying to bring it through dreams.

If you die on doomsday, it could mean that you take uncertain steps through life and you are afraid to make new decisions, thus you avoid this responsibility.

In addition to all the above, the doomsday may portend a positive change in the life of a dreamer.

If you knew about the doomsday and you waited for it to come but it didn’t, such a dream foretells a good period in life. If it did happen, but you and other people remained alive and unharmed, the dream forebodes prosperous life.

If you were saved by a strong and nice person, the dream tells that you will meet him in reality, and you will be provided with powerful and generous support.

If you are surrounded with water but you stay alive, the dream could mean the beginning of luxury life. The end certain process may mark the beginning of a new. Emotional state during the dream and after is an indicator. If you experience the emotions rise after such a dream, there is no doubt that your life is going to change for the better.

Doomsday is one of those images that can’t be ignored, it is impossible to be completely detached from such events.